Top 2 Housing Societies

Dear friends, currently the most popular housing societies in Islamabad are Top City and Blue World. Located near the new Islamabad airport, the hottest investment region in Islamabad at the moment, the safest bet is to invest in these societies. These societies have not been developed yet, so we can’t analyze them microscopically. They are in the initial stages of development and have long way to go before we can criticize them publicly.

Both, Top City and Blue World, are in the initial period, or the honeymoon period as I say. This is the period when every detail of the project is being supervised and monitored by the top brass of the respected housing society. The housing society is trying to build its reputation, become a major brand, thus every minor detail is focused upon as to leave no detail behind that may come back to hurt in the future. This case scenario is true with every project, no matter which industry they belong to. After a little while, everything begins to fall away.

One important achievement of Top City is that it has obtained the Government’s No Object Certificate to build a housing society. This is a vital plus since this ensures that your investment is secure. There are still some housing societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi that have given possession to owners and are fully developed, yet they do not have the Government’s No Object Certificate. These societies will be fined heavily by the government which will mean either the owners or the residents will have to pay the fine or the societies will fold up. Either way, it is you, the possession holder or the owner, that will incur financial loss. It is very important for you that before you invest your money, you should verify the credibility of the housing society you are investing in!

I am not familiar with the new owner of Top City or the owners of Blue World so I can’t compare them to the owners of Bahria Town or Al Ghurair. I know both Malik Riaz and Haji Ameen have enough capital to buy each other out. Top City owner and CEO had been arrested few years back for fraudulent activities, there is no updates yet so no comments as of now.

As far as Blue World is concerned, I know it’s a joint partnership between a Pakistani company and a Chinese company. They have successfully created housing societies in Lahore, but Lahore is out of my jurisdiction so no comments. Blue World has an ambitious project in Islamabad, Blue World Trade Center, to challenge the Al Ghurair Giga’s World Trade Center. Al Ghurair Giga’s World Trade Center is the number 1 mall in Islamabad, and no one can come close to it. The only favorable point in Blue World Trade Center is its location; near to Bahria Town Phase 4 and 7. Only time will tell which of the World Trade Centers will survive, but no one can beat Al Ghurair at all.

Based on the latest resident reviews, there are two shortfalls of building a house near the new Islamabad airport. The land is not ideal for construction and there is water shortage. Let’s analyze these drawbacks further. The first thing is that the land is mostly land fill, just like Bahria Town, which means that the area was originally hilly and the construction magnates tore down the hills to make way for the housing societies. This weakened the land implying that any house constructed in it will slowly sink in or will crack. In order to avoid this drawback, solid foundation has to be laid before the construction of the house. This just doubles or triples the construction price of the house!!

The other drawback is shortage of water. There is shortage of water throughout Pakistan, but in this case scenario, it implies that the whole stretch of the new airport area is dry underground. You will never be able to pump water through water boaring, no matter how long the water pump pipe. There is just no water. You’ll have to rely on water tankers for water delivery, and that is Pakistan, where the government can’t provide its citizens electricity, water, or gas. But, we are still Dil, Dil, Pakistan.

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Top 2 Housing Societies

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