Precautions To Take During Corona

The second wave of Corona virus is starting to impact the whole world. During the first wave, many countries of the world felt the impact of Corona virus and were unable to handle it. As a result, many people suffered and lost their lives. Strict lockdowns were enforced worldwide to tackle corona, and it was a successful tactic.

The best measure one can take to avoid being infected by Corona virus is to take safety precautions. The first precaution is to wear a face mask. Many people in Pakistan don’t like to wear the face mask because it suffocates them. They say if they wear the mask, they will suffocate to death. This belief is held by majority of Pakistanis as a result they have abandoned wearing the mask. A person who has Corona is bound to sneeze a lot. When he or she sneezes, the person releases the virus in the air. This virus, which is Corona virus, stays in the air for 3 hours. Either it will attack another person or will automatically disintegrate after 3 hours. Thus, any person passing through the area where the person has sneezed during that time is either going to inhale corona virus or the virus will land on the person’s body or clothes. Once the person inhales the Corona virus, he or she will experience difficulty in breathing and might have to be taken to the ICU. If the same person was wearing a face mask, he or she wouldn’t have been able to inhale the virus. The face mask would have repelled the Corona virus. Therefore it is important to wear a face mask to combat Corona virus. There are many different types of face masks available in the market, with the advanced ones having a breathing tube to make breathing easy. People who complain about suffocating when wearing a face mask, should buy the N-95 or advanced face masks which will make them easier to breathe.

The second precaution is to always carry a hand sanitizer. Pakistanis like to shake a lot of hands; it is a form of greeting. When a person who has Corona exhales the virus, there is a high chance that he or she might might use the hand to wipe the sneeze off the face. There might be little bit of Corona in there which results in Corona being passed into that person’s hand. Thus, whenever a person shakes hands with others, holds money, holds plastic bag, or anything else, he or she is bound to transmit Corona to someone else. An effective and tested method to avoid transmission of corona through this way is to use a hand sanitizer. The sanitizer kills corona and other germs that might have been attached to the person’s hand.

The final precaution is to observe social distance. Pakistan was successful in handling the Corona virus because social distance was being observed in the markets and Masjids. The spread of Corona though person to person contact was eliminated. In European countries and North America, Corona spread quickly when many people were gathered in small sized places like pubs and clubs. In India, Corona spread quickly because there was no social distance being observed in public transport and few other places. As a result, the top three countries effected by Corona were USA, India, and Brazil. These were the countries that didn’t have good social distance practice in place. When the opposition parties in Pakistan started to hold rallies against the government, Corona started to spread again because there was no social distance in place. These rallies should have been banned, now Pakistan has to tackle the second wave of Corona.

Corona is not going to go away anytime soon. The prediction is that it will continue to effect people till the middle of 2021 or maybe even 2022. There are medicines being made and tested, but there is no guarantee how effective they would be. Corona is definitely going to take the lives of many more people. The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to take the basic safety measures as listed above. Stay Home and Be Safe!

Precautions To Take During Corona

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