Obsession With White Skin

We have all heard our mums say don’t go out in the sun, you’ll get dark and then won’t be able to get a good rishta. This thinking has been passed on from generations to generations. Every light skinned Pakistani girl has grown with this concept. But why are we linking white skin to a good rishta?

In the 1990’s popular musical group Vital Signs sang the song “Goray Rang Ka Zamana” with the chorus being “Goray rang ka zamana kabhi ho ga na purana, gori dar tujhya kis ka hai tera to rang gora hai Haye, tera to rang gora hai”. Translated into English, the chorus is “White colour season will never get old, white girl what are you afraid of, your colour is white, oh my, your colour is white”. Sung in 1990’s, it is the perfect onset to describe the mindset of the Pakistani people.

In the Asian culture, white colour is always linked to beauty. If a female is white in colour, she is considered to be beautiful and bound to receive VIP privileges’. No matter how ugly the person might be, but her white colour makes her superior to the rest. If you have attended any wedding in Pakistan, you must have observed that all the females have applied excessive makeup. Females take hours to prepare for a wedding; with a lot of time spent in beauty saloons. In the old days, only the bride used to be prepared extensively for her wedding so that she could look good in front of the cameras, but these days, every female attendee spends hours in a beauty saloon so that she can get attention in weddings. It is an accepted custom that most pairs are made at weddings. Mothers are always looking for a wife for their son or a husband for their daughter. This is the perfect occasion to screen anyone and ask any question about that person from the guests. Majority of the arranged marriages are made during a wedding. There is a famous story about a man flirting with a female at a wedding who requests to meet her later in order to get to know her better. When the two meet casually after a few days, the man gets shocked and claims that he was chatting with a white skin female and asks the dark skin lady who she is. The female replied that I’m the same person you were chatting with, here I am without any makeup. Needless to say that the relationship didn’t proceed further.

There are many similar examples where a light coloured female was preferred over a dark coloured female as a bride. They are seen as a form of pride; arey meri bahu to ghouri hai boats a woman. Translated in English, it means my daughter in law is white in colour; I have won the World Cup,

This mindset is really wrong. I personally know females who have light coloured skin, but don’t have good characters. They make fun of males who will buy them anything just so that they can hang out or go on a date. A white coloured female gets all the attention wherever she goes; if she is not happy at her home, she will have no problem finding love somewhere else because of her light skin colour. Majority of the time, a darker skin female will be more loyal than a white skin female because they will be happy with the love they have received.

Obsession with white colour is not good for our society. It is forcing our females to apply dangerous chemicals on their face which is doing more harm than good. For safer skin whitening techniques, read my other article How To Whiten Skin Naturally.

Obsession With White Skin

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