DHA Islamabad Review

Dear friends, there is no doubt that DHA Islamabad is one of the best places to live in Islamabad/Rawalpindi and you must have read so many positive reviews about it. From the outside everything looks good, and is good, but, we are not here to discuss the good things about  DHA Islamabad but to highlight its drawbacks.

Just like everything in life is not perfect, the same is true about DHA Islamabad. DHA is made up of many phases with only Phase 1 and 2 definitely worth the investment. The other phases are still in development stage and there are long way to go before they can be reviewed, but we know one thing, you should stay away from Defence Villas and Defence Valley. Defence Villas and Defence Valley are like evil twin brothers who are always causing mischief. Those who own property there are crying. Defence Villas is located inside Bahria Town and the area was given as gift to DHA. The houses in Defence Villas have been constructed by a sub-contractor, and that should give you an idea. Sub-contractors or contractors don’t carry about the quality of material used, thus the quality of materials used is third class; very cheap quality material that is always wearing out frequently. Unless the owner doesn’t stand and supervise the construction, the contractor will always deceive the owner by installing cheap quality materials and claiming it to be Grade A quality material. They are Pakistanis and they are liars, you can’t trust them. Also, the design itself is full of flaws. There is no proper ventilation system design making it harder to install AC for the tenant. In conclusion, if you want to have a negative return from your investment, then invest in Defence Villas and Defence Valley.

Another issue with DHA is the quality of water. The supplied water is muddy and is not fit for drinking. Even the filter plants have little bit of mud in the water, I don’t know how the residents can drink it. Also, there is shortage of water. Water is supplied for a limited time, and it is not enough. Every other day, water tankers need to be called to deliver water to fulfill the water requirements. This issue is valid through DHA Islamabad, and not confined to a particular phase.

Also, during the winter there is gas loadshedding in DHA. Gas is supplied for a limited time during the night. Being a posh area like Bahria Town, there should be no gas loadshedding, but unfortunately that is not the case with DHA. This makes Bahria Town Phases 1 to 7 as the only housing society that receives uninterrupted gas supply during the winter.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the owners and residents of DHA are mainly retired armed forces/uniform wearing personnel. Due to this, they do have an attitude issue and they consider non-uniform wearing citizens as third class citizens. They will bring you down mentally. If you can handle that type of attitude, all is good. But, keep in mind that you’ll face this issue in every housing society in Pakistan and it is not just limited to uniform personnel.

Investment in DHA Phase I, II, and V is good, you will get a good return. It is one of the best and safest investment option in Islamabad., we highly recommend you to invest in it. We just want to highlight you the issues you’ll face when you start living there. And remember one thing before investment, buying a plot or house, go in person to the DHA office and confirm who the actual owner of the property is. Real estate agents can never be trusted. The chances of fraudulent transaction in DHA Islamabad is very slim, almost 0, but you can never be sure. Verify before purchasing, and you’ll be safe.

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DHA Islamabad Review

7 thoughts on “DHA Islamabad Review

  1. DHA villas are located in prime location I asked people living there no problem with gas or water as you mentioned good rental

  2. DHA villas is good because of central location I want to buy a house of 11 Marla how much it costs

  3. If you want to buy an Office in WTC or commercial shop in Giga Mall or D Mall, or a flat in Al Ghurair Giga me Farhan Khan at 323-567-7251

  4. Thanks for reply it is 2.5 crore is the villas or Bahria overseas sector is better you have negative reviews of villas

    1. As far as location is concerned, both are in the same area. Bahria overseas sector is right across the road from Defence villas.
      My negative view is based on the fact on how much you are going to invest and what you are going to get in return.
      Defence villas are a gated community and the security is top notch. If you are looking for peace and security, villas are the best. But, these villas were made by a third party contractor. Anywhere you go in Islamabad, all properties constructed by a contractor or third party is made with low quality or cheap materials. Flats or houses, this is the basic rule, build with minimum cost and sell it at a huge profit. Because of this quality is compromised. You will always have to repair something or the other. Initially, these were sold at a reasonable price, but now their demand is high and you pay a high price, but you will have to be repairing items regularly. This is why I give it negative review.
      As far as overseas is concerned, you can buy a plot and supervise the construction of your house. You will select the materials and fixtures yourself. You will know what quality of materials are being used. But, if you don’t have time to supervise the construction and leave it in the hands of a contractor, then there will be no difference whether you buy in overseas, phase 7, or defence villa.
      Where you want to invest depends on how much time you can spend on construction of your house. If you have no time at all, then it makes no difference, buy anywhere. But, if you have time to supervise then buy in overseas, at least you’ll be getting every worth of your penny.

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