Comparing Islamabad Mall’s Supermarkets

Islamabad has a number of great supermarkets selling great items, but the problem is that there are only few operational malls in Islamabad. The malls are allowed to lease space to only one supermarket. This means that a number of great supermarket chains will be missing out on prime location to capitalize their growth and profit. Thus, we will look at the malls that are operational in Islamabad and compare the supermarket chain they house.

Islamabad malls that house supermarkets are Centaurus Mall, Giga Mall, and Amazon Outlet. Centaurus Mall hosts Al Fatah, Giga Mall hosts Carrefour Pakistan (previously called Hyperstar), and Amazon Outlet hosts Chase Value. We will compare these supermarkets according to their size, user friendliness, quality of products, and price of items.

Lahore based Carrefour Pakistan deserves the highest grade when comparing floor size of the supermarkets. It is a huge supermarket almost as big as Walmart or Kroger of the USA. It receives the highest grade because everything is located in one floor, which makes it easier for shoppers to complete their shopping. Al Fatah and Chase Value have 2 floors of shopping area. This is a poorly thought design because this prevents the shoppers from taking trolleys up the escalators. which makes it hard to do shopping. Some supermarkets have stairs instead of escalators, which is much worse. Both these supermarket chains should have thought about the shoppers before deciding on a 2 floor plan.

As far as user friendliness is concerned, Carrefour Pakistan and Lahore based Al Fatah score high grades. Both these supermarkets have friendly and helpful employees. They are courteous and answer your queries professionally. On the other hand, Chase Value employees are a little bit unfriendly. Maybe they didn’t get good customer service training, but these employees should sharpen up quickly, otherwise they will always lag behind the leaders.

When it comes to product quality, Al Fatah sells the best quality of products. You can find international products that are not available in Carrefour Pakistan or Karachi based Chase Value. American serials, shampoo, toothpaste, and snacks are easily available in Al Fatah. Besides American products, there are European and other Asian countries products available too. Unfortunately, both Carrefour Pakistan and Chase Vale don’t sell international products, that;s why they receive a low grade.

Finally, let’s look at the item pricing in these supermarkets. As far as pricing is concerned, all the three supermarkets get equal grades. Some products are cheaper in Al Fatah, but are expensive in Carrefour Pakistan and Chase Value. Similarly, some products are cheaper in Chase Value compared to the other two. The selling motto of Carrefour Pakistan is “Hamesha Shashta“, This is absolutely misleading as their prices are way out of the roof.

As it can be seen, Al Fatah located in Centauraus Mall scored the most points and is the clear winner. Carrefour Pakistan comes in second, and Chase Value takes the bronze medal. There are many other good quality supermarkets in Islamabad like Green Valley, Esajee’s, and Imtiaz that are not located inside a mall. Until these chains find a space in a shopping mall, Al Fatah is the leading mall supermarket in Islamabad.

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Comparing Islamabad Mall’s Supermarkets

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