CBR Islamabad Review

CBR Islamabad is a housing society situated just off Islamabad Highway. It is a peaceful society located close to Bahria Town Phase 6 and Soan Garden. It is one of the best societies to live in Islamabad, and a hidden gem.

There are few issues related to living in CBR Islamabad. The first issue is resale of property. There is no doubt that CBR Islamabad is a safe and peaceful society to live in, and you don’t have to worry about anything while living there. The market is close and International brands are nearby in Bahria Town and PWD, but the main concern is the intent with which you are building a house there. If you have decided to live there for the rest of your life, then you should not worry about anything. But, if you decide to build a house for a limited time there because the land is cheap, then you will face problem selling you house quickly. Since CBR is in close proximity to Bahria Town, Soan Garden, PWD, Pakistan Town, and Korang Town, buyers have the option to buy a cheaper house in a much better locality. A much better locality means where commercial shops are in walking distance.

It is perfect to describe CBR as a gated community. There are a few shopping plazas with limited number of retail shops. For grocery needs and other household items, one has to drive a little distance. Quite similar to living in Bahria Town. Thus, if you are going to sell your 10 marla house for 1 crore 60 lakhs, a buyer can pinch in a little more money and buy a house for 1 crore 85 lakhs in Bahria town Phase 2 Extension or the buyer might think about saving some money and buy a similar house in Koran Town for 1 crore 50 lakhs. I have seen newly built houses not being able to sell for months in CBR Town. The real issue with them is that contractors construct the house for like 90 lakhs and then try to sell it for 2 crores. They implement get rich quick style philosophy. But often, they have to wait for a long time before any buyer buys it and that too at a much lower price.

Another issue with building a house in CBR Town is quality of land. The land is fill, quite similar to Bahria Town Phase 8. You have to lay a solid foundation before construction of the house otherwise the house can crack or sink. This just shoots up the cost of house construction. You buy a plot in CBR Town or Bahria Town Phase 8 or 9 because plot prices are cheap, and you think you can build a cheap house. But when you start to build the house that’s when you realize that the price is going up quickly and the cost will be similar to buying a house in DHA Phase 2 or Bahria Town Phase 2. You could have been much better off buying a house in DHA than building here!

If you plan to construct a commercial plaza, do note that the majority of the plazas are empty. There is not much return for the retailers thus most of the shops close down after few months. CBR Town is a medium sized town, not small, but the residents have a better choice of variety available in the surrounding housing societies. The retailers in CBR Town barely survive, so don’t expect to rent out shops at a high rate because they will remain unoccupied.

Another issue is gas loadshedding during the winter. This issue is just not limited to CBR Town, but also to Soan Garden, PWD, Media Town and the surrounding housing societies. The gas is available during late night and its supply is stopped at sun rise. Well, what’s the use of having gas when no one is awake?

To summarize, I strongly recommend investment in CBR Town Islamabad. It is as good as Bahria Town without the luxurious amenities. You will love it there, if you love peace and quietness.

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CBR Islamabad Review

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