FBR Tax on Flats

During the 2013-2018 time period, Pakistan was governed  by PMLN government.  Nawaz Sharif, the leader, imposed new taxes on property in order to generate revenue. The previous government, which was led by PPP’s Asif Zardari, had destroyed Pakistani economy leaving the National Savings empty. The new government was hungry for money and was exploring ways […]

How to Select the Perfect Accessories to Complement Your Style

We have all heard “Look Matters”, “You are how you present yourself”, and “Dress to impress”. Since we are living in a material world, it really matters how you present yourself; especially if you are a female. The more beautiful you look, the better the rishta you will get. In order to be presentable, you […]

Morphy Richards Pakistan

Morphy Richards is one of the leading electronic companies of the world. Headquartered in UK, Morphy Richards started operations in 1930. It started by manufacturing irons, radio, television, and other electrical items.From the 1930s to today, Morphy Richards diversified its product range to kettles, toasters, filter coffee machines, soup makers, slow cookers, cooking appliances, microwaves, […]

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