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Dear friends, Bahria Town Islamabad is one of the best housing society in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. It was the first society in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, and whole of Pakistan to say, to introduce luxury living and set it a standard. Every housing society that followed started to model itself on Bahria Town, but none could come close. No other housing society in Pakistan generates its own electricity like Bahria Town does and no one can come close to it. But the fact it that as Bahria Town expanded nationally and focus was set on other cities, high level supervision moved away from Islamabad which resulted in flaws in Bahria Town expansion phases. And, we will look at them.

As of today, Bahria Town Phase 1 to Phase 6 are the best phases to live in. They are situated between GT Road and Islamabad Highway and are centrally located with easy access to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. There are 5 access points with 3 entrance/exit points from Rawalpindi and 2 entrance/exit points from Islamabad. If Islamabad Highway is blocked, you can enter through the other access points, but that is not the case with Phase 7 and beyond.

Phase 7 is a long stretch, the longest of the 1-8 phases. There are more commercial ventures then residential blocks in it. It is located opposite of phases 1 to 6 and its drawback is that it has only one main entrance, located along GT Road, with another access point through DHA Islamabad. The main access point is just a mess, very poorly designed. Traffic is a mess there, with people driving the wrong side of the road in order to save fuel. As a result, you will see cars coming the wrong way and honking at you to avoid hitting them. Worse is that the ignorant taxi drivers block the access ramp by parking wherever they want which causes traffic jam. This low class people never learn and when they get pulled over and issued a ticket for parking wrong or driving down the wrong side of the road, these drivers start crying and say we are poor, we can’t feed our family, please forgive us. When it comes to breaking the law, they don’t think how poor they are. When they get caught, then they realize they are poor. Bloody low class citizens.

Another issue with the GT Road entrance is that when it rains, the road gets flooded. The sewerage system is non existent. This road was built recently by PMLN Government, but what can we say about these bloody patwaris? PMLN proudly boast about their achievement that they have developed Pakistan by building roads and mega projects like Metro, but look at their condition when it rains! Metro stations in Islamabad get flooded, hell Lahore gets flooded when it rains, A year after they build the roads, cracks start appearing in them. Go drive in Chaklala Scheme 3 and you will see what poor quality roads PMLN sher have built there; absolute third class. Let’s get back to the topic of Bahria Town, once it rains heavy, Phase 7 access point gets jam packed with cars forcing driving to drive through Bahria Phase 4 entrance or Model Town Islamabad. The other access point through DHA is a narrow bridge and those DHA security officials, those ……., you get the point, its better to avoid it. Bahria Town could have done much better by having another access point for Phase 7 and the ever growing Phase 8 area. The back roads leading into Phase 7 and 8 are not developed and go through rundown neighborhoods.

Phase 8 is like the step child of Bahria Town, and I highly recommend not to invest in it. I have lived in it and I know! All the Bahria Town Excellence or Flagship ends at Overseas Block, which is situated towards the end of Phase 7 and opposite Defence Villas. Phase 8 has open sewage canals which are really badly planned. Mice and insects have easy access to houses in Phase 8 and they are a common problem in every house. Plus security is really bad there. Bahria security is not visible and can’t stop the thefts and other crimes happening in that area.

Bahria Town Phase 8 Flooding

The major shopping center located near the head office is dirty with limited parking spaces. It is far from the stylish Civic Center located in Phase 4; makes you feels like you are in Saddar Rawalpindi and not in Bahria Town. Plus in Summer 2020 Bahria Town Phase 8 had water shortage with residents forced to rely on water tanker for water supply. Besides water shortage, the residents also experienced loadshedding during the summer months. As it is, the temperature is in the 30s+ and with no electricity, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to invest in there.

The plots and the houses are way too overpriced in Phase 8; no wonder property doesn’t sell there. If a 7 marla house is for sale in Phase 8 for 1.85 crore and a 7 marla house in Phase 2 for 2.2 crore, the one in Phase 2 will be snapped up much faster than the one in 8. That is how much the demand for Phase 8 property is.

Plus, if you don’t have your own transport, there is no way you can survive in Phase 8. Careem, Uber, and taxis charge a lot, which leaves you no option but to travel in a sharing taxi. In it, you’ll have to sit jam packed with other travelers which increases the probability of catching Corona Virus; and Bahria Town Phase 8 was one of the hardest hit areas with Corona virus in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

My honest opinion to you is don’t invest in Phase 8, 9 or beyond. They are located far away from the city and the property there is way overpriced, especially Phase 8. Greedy property dealers are selling property in Phase 8 at double the rate plus the land is not suitable for construction. Majority of the land is cut from hill and is land fill. When you construct the house, it’ll sink in unless you lay solid foundation which is expensive and increases the risk of your house getting cracked. Either way, your are fffed. Do you know that out of the different blocks in Phase 8 – Rafi Block, Abu Bakar Block, etc, only 1 block is suitable for construction? How many property dealers will tell you that, huh? They just want your money!

Invest in phases 1 to 7 or even in Overseas Block and you will have a much better return.

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Bahria Town Review

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  2. Firstly, I really appreciate your ability to write such an amazing Bahria Town Review. Without a doubt, Bahria Town is one of the best housing societies in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. It was the first society in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, and throughout Pakistan, to introduce luxury living as a standard. In the following decades, every housing society modeled itself after Bahria Town.
    Earlier this year, I started a Bahria Town Property Business in Bahria Phase 8. Buying and selling plots and houses attracted such interested customers and investors.

    Your Best Regards
    Mr Sulman Rasheed
    Owner : Bahria Phase Properties

  3. A fantastic review of Bahria town has been written by you. Your style of writing is wonderful. You have covered everything in a way that conveys the right message at the right time. Basically I am professional Bahria Town Phase 8 Property dealers and addicted to reading articles related to Bahria Town housing society.

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    Bahria town rawalpindi
    We r expert in phase 8 and phase 8 extension

  5. Howdy! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay.
    I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward
    to new posts.

  6. I do not agree with the author since I am living in phase-08 since 2015. In last 10 years, alot of changes occurred in phase-08 and price of plots like 7/8 marla hike from 17 (2013) lac to 95 lac(2023). Main hub commercial and its adjacent areas are highly populated and average 7 marla home price is around 220 lacs. Commercial activities are at peek right now and many new shopping’s centers are inaugurated quite recently. Green valley is planning to open new facility right at the hub commercial and may replace Bahria HQ soon IA since BT HQ will shift to other sector. Taxies and Bikers are freely available from hub commercial to phase-07 gate and from that point one may use private transport like HIACE etc. It is recommended that you have at least a small car or bike for emergency situation. Bahria hospital and many small clinics are providing health facilities. I personally did not visit Islamabad and Pindi for daily usage items since every thing is available here.

    Phase-08 extension is getting investors attention since ring road will be very close to it. Bahria has imposed additional development charges on extension but affecties have formed a pressure group and soon some sort of settlement will be done IA.

    So, do not get nervous and get your dream home or plot at reasonable price right now since Bahria is still cheaper then any other society in Pindi and Islamabad.

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