الصلوۃ والسلام و علیک یا رسول اللہ

F5 Networks is a subsidiary of Matco Services. The aim of F5 is to present consumer views direct to the public. The truth is that every review, whether it be real estate, product or any other item is fabricated to satisfy the  client. The reviewers are getting paid by the client so the reviews are based on those dollars!!

What makes F5 different? Well, to begin with we are not a property agency, construction company, housing society, land mafia, corrupt government officials, and whatnot. We are individual people like you who expose the flaws of every project and present them to you. We are here to win the hearts of the people by correctly guiding them and not misinforming them. We don’t care if we step on some toes, but we will not back down.

F5 Networks had a house in Rawalpindi built before partition. But, when we went to sell the house objections were raised by corrupt Rawalpindi Development Authority employees who demanded bribery to resolve the issue. The issue is just not limited to RDA, but every Development Authority in the country. Also, patwaris who manage records of out of city properties also demand bribery just to transfer property name.
As victims of corruption by Rawalpindi Development Authority and patwaris, F5 strongly recommends that overseas Pakistanis should invest in housing societies that have approved No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the government. There are many societies who have no NOC, and these societies  might get wrapped up or have lefty penalties imposed on them which may result in you losing your hard earned money.

As a result, we will review popular housing societies based in Islamabad and present a commoner’s view on them. Hope you like the reviews and use them to make the right decision.

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